ADALAR KİMYA, has been established at 2000, and manufacturing EVA, PO, APAO, PSA hotmelt adhesives, PVA Based adhesives, PU Based adhesives and Solvent Bsed adhesives by using all means of developing technology at 20.000 m2 production facility, including 7500m2 closed area. An additional information may enlighten this issue that our products have been served to 39 countries at four different continents. This helps us to touch different types of trades and cultures at the same time building up a global, standart and high qualified business.

The manifest of ADALAR KİMYA, occured from its principals which is based on sustaining the highest quality for the best product and providing the best service by using all the aspects of lastest technology.

During the whole process, including the after sales and technical support, ADALAR KİMYA has expanding its range of products by catching the high production standard and quality.

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