Export to 43 Countries

As Adalar Kimya, we are exporting our products to 43 countries including United States, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Balkan Countries and Russian Countries

  • Since the day it has been established at 2000 ADALAR KİMYA, has renovated itself and expands its product range day by day with the quality of manufacturing, seizing the target at the top spot with the international standards set in this respect, and manufacturing the best quality products by using every aspects of developing technology.

  • During the whole process, including the after sales and technical consultancy, Adalar Kimya has expanded its range of product portfolio by catching the high production standards and quality.

  • The manifest of ADALAR KİMYA occured from its principals, is based on sustanining the highest quality for the best product and providing the best service by using lastest technology.

  • In the light of these principles ADALAR KİMYA, is proudly expanding its local and global market day by day, and aiming to sustain it by raising the share with exportations to 4 continents of the world